A complete overview of your online presence.

Comprendere i social non è mai stato così semplice

Find out anything that is said online about your brand and aim at a direct comparison with your competitors’ performance. Monitor the discussion volume and exploit the users’ sentiment to direct your marketing strategy and your business decisions. The social networks are a valuable source of information about your customers’ and competitors’ behaviour, we give you complete access to this information in order to help you to find out strengths and weaknesses of your communication strategy.

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ad-hoc analysis
Custom studies and reports
Custom social analysis tailored on you, with non-standard approaches and complete custom-made reports designed just for you.
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Intuitive user interface
Multi-access customizable dashboard for social analysis. You can select source social pages, hasthags, keywords and people to monitor, set up analysis and visual indicator for your benchmarking activities to compare your brand's performance with your competitors.
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Up-to-date, deep and flexible insights.

See your brand from your customers' perspective.
  • Sentiment
    What users say about your brand
    Users' interaction and conversations analysis that will help you to understad their level of appreciation toward a brand, a topic, a person or a product.
  • Interaction
    How much they are talking about you
    Users' interaction level analysis, post and comments volume, engagement evolution in a period of time. We can monitor pages, topics, individuals and events.
  • Benchmarking
    Performance indicators
    Compare the efficacy of different communication strategies used by brands. Some of our indicators are: Communication Efficacy, Consumer Engagement, Positive Emotional Index, Content Impact Index.
  • Word frequency
    The most used words in conversations
    Discussion volume analysis to obtain the words that are most used by influencers in their communication or by the users in their comments on brand pages, in order to define areas of interest and relevant topics.

AI & Machine Learning

Automation at the service of innovation

Our tool is made of an advanced system of proprietary algorithms based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, that give us the chance of automate and speed up several process that had to be done manually until now, such as information extraction, social listening operations and sentiment analysis.

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Social Listening

Intercept conversations and interactions

Every 60 seconds more than 1.000.000 pieces of content are uploaded on social networks. Intercept and analyze all the conversation relevant to your brand, your competitors or the new trends among the users and use that information to measure and compare social performance. Every single post, comment and social action is captured by our crawler to be processed by our systems and shown in our dashbord or in our reports.

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