The first step toward a correct digital strategy.

Listen, study and compare
anything that is said online about your brand.

Get detailed and easy to digest reports on users’ sentiment about your brand and your products. Keep an eye on your competitors and use the information for your marketing strategies.
Who is it for?

The right tool to intercept and understand
needs and desires
of your customers

AbautYou is the right tool for those who want to understand and study opinions, preferences, activities and dissatisfaction regarding their customers or audience. This can be done in order to have a simple photography of a particoular social event or to get solid basis on which to build a marketing strategy capable of empower their brand.

Companies and business
Brand Reputation
Analyse users' reactions to your initiatives, measure the customer appreciation and do a real time comparison with your competitors.
Public administration
Social studies and public opinion
PA will be able to get instant overviews of social events related to their territory, or check the public opinion regarding intiatives, public works and social projects.
Image module
How does it work?

A single system,
infinite possibilities

AbautYou’s steps
Data collection
A proprietary crawler scans the chosen resources, collecting relevant information based on keywords and other setting.
Semantic algorythms extrapolate context for the collected data and interpret information and words, polarising them with positive and negative values.
All the collected and analysed information is processed and the sentiment is calculated, which is an expression of the users' opinion.


European Regional Developement Fund
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AbautYou is a project by Sphera Srl funded by the Ministry of Economic Development and by the European Union, with the puropose of creating an innovative integrated system capable of analysing, forecasting, and studying multi-modal data sources from the main Social Network platforms.
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